2 hour classes are held in my home studio for any interested, enthusiastic student.  We will practice various watercolor techniques and apply them to small still life, landscapes, and any genre of your choice.

Small groups of 2 or 3 students are recommended.  I teach all levels of art experience, following the learning styles and interests of my students.  I have taught art for 19 years and have painted in watercolor for over 35 years.  These many years spent developing my art have been the foundation for teaching.

We will discuss art supplies and techniques during your first class.  Then we will paint a small subject using each technique.  My goal is for you to fall in love with this vibrant medium and have many years of enjoyment on your own.

Cost:  $40.00 for a 2 hour class

I learned more about watercolor painting in one lesson than I did in four years of art classes in high school.
Sarah makes watercolor painting fun to learn and her straightforward way of teaching makes it easy to produce pleasing results.
Her lessons encourage you to develop your own style.
The most important thing that I learned in Sarah's classes was how to correct mistakes.

                                                                                                                 from a Tuesday morning student

I have always wanted to take watercolor classes but found that the one I did attempt, the students were way beyond me and the teacher was not really interested in a rank beginner. I fussed around for a few years trying to find someone who was patient enough to start from square one..everyone has to start somewhere.  
Then, I found Sarah!  She was wonderful and her years as a Montessori teacher worked well with her patience and encouragement.  I look forward to the lesson once a week and have found that watercolor really is "cool"! ..................CJA

I take watercolor lessons with Sarah and it is one of the most wonderful things I could have started.  A friend and I meet weekly in Sarah's beautiful kitchen and are slowly unlocking the tightly wound right brain.  Sarah is a very encouraging teacher to all levels of budding artists, and has taught me a lot in the 6 months I have been taking art with her. - D.L. a student

What I like about  watercolor lessons with Sarah is that she meets me where I am in my learning. As mentioned in other comments, her Montessori training and her experience working with children and young adults gives her a good background for teaching beginning adults. I arrive with my questions and they are answered by instruction. I like the one-on-one attention which I do not receive in my other art classes. Sarah and I share a passion for the Cape Cod with the ocean, skies, beaches and vegetation as well as for France so we have similar subjects in our paintings. I am able to see from Sarah's collection of work how she paints, for example, hydrangeas, breaking waves and roses. We also share a similar palette so that I am able to select the paints I like and not have to experiment. Her lessons are given in a warm, beautiful kitchen with lots of natural light and birds feeding at the feeders on the other side of the windows. It is a very conducive way to learn to paint. It is not at all intimidating. I suggest anyone with any interest in learning to watercolor to give Sarah a try.  W.S. a student


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